Forced convection and ventilation method.
Capacity: 7.6 cu. ft. or 216 liters.
Maximum Temperature: 360°C.
Electrical Requirements: 220VAC / 21.5A / 50-60Hz.
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Yamato DH-612 (DH-612C, CE Mark) Forced Convection Oven, Max 360°C, 7.6 cu.ft. or 216L, 220VAC, NEW

The Yamato safety forced convection and ventilation oven, model DH-612, operates at a temperature range of room temperature +10°C to 360°C. Its capacity is 7.6 cu.ft. or 216 liters.

Please see Technical Specifications below for more information.

Note: C stands for CE Mark.

Item Code: YAM-1856
Model: DH-612 (DH612)
Manufacturer: Yamato
Availability: On Request
Selling Price: $5900.00

Method:Forced convection and ventilation.
Electrical Requirements:220VAC, single phase, 121.5A, 50/60Hz.
Internal Capacity:7.6 cu. ft. (216 liters).
Operating Temperature Range:Room temperature +10°C to 360°C.
Temperature Control Accuracy:±3.0°C to 360°C.
Temperature Control:PID control with a microcomputer.
Temperature Sensor:K-thermocouple (double sensor).
Heat Insulator:Ceramic fiber.
Heater Material:Stainless steel pipe heater with a fan.
Door:Safety door to relieve an explosion pressure.
Fan:Axial fan (condenser motor 20W).
Operation and Control:Fixed operation, auto-start/stop, program operation.
Other Functions:Current time display, calibration offset function.
Timer:Accumulated timer function (up to 49,999 hours).
Internal Dimensions:23.6W x 23.6D x 23.6H inches.
External Dimensions:47.2W x 30.3D x 54.7H inches.
Warranty:One year from date of shipment.
Shipping Weight:Approximately 505 lbs. (774.6 lbs. domestic dim weight with 56L x 41W x 56H-inch pallet). Please contact us for more information on shipping methods and rates. We will also need to know if your company needs a liftgate at delivery.Shipping Terms: FOB, Santa Clara, CA, via best way (truck delivery); shipped on a pallet. The shipping cost, including insurance, packaging, pallet, liftgate at pickup, transit and dropoff (if required) will be added to the selling price. Shipping to the US only. Sales tax applies to California sales.
Accessories (Catalog No. 211064, Shelf & Brackets):List Price $165.00/set, Selling Price: $150.00/set.

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