Check out our Yamato oven models DKN-402C, DKN-602C, DX-402C, and DX-602C!
Ask about our bulk pricing specials for laser optics!
Inquire about NEW Yamato oven stands - designed for DX, DVS and DKN 400 and 600 oven series.
VWR Analog Dry Block Heaters 12621-108 includes two (2) Heat Blocks (#130), 120VAC, Two (2) EACH AVAILABLE.

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ID DescriptionPriceAvailability
2910Agilent RF Frequency Counter, Model 53181A$550.00 In-Stock
2920Hewlett Packard EMC Analyzer, Model 8594EM$2500.00 In-Stock
2945Fluke True RMS Digital Multimeter, 179$125.00 In-Stock
2977Keyence Visual PLC (KV-16DR) with External Operator Interface (KV-D20)$210.00 In-Stock
3009National Instruments NI PXI-2585 Multiplexer Switch Module$700.00 In-Stock
3020Cole Parmer / Digisense Thermometer, 91100-20, Type T Thermocouple$65.00 In-Stock
3173Flowline Isolation High/Low Relay Controller, P/N LC90-1001, NEW IN BOX, One Lot of Two (2)$150.00 In-Stock
3197Filmetrics F20 Spectrometer, Thin-Film Analyzer, Model 205-0135, 115VAC$4200.00 In-Stock
LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DKN-602C (DKN602C) Mechanical (Forced) Convection Oven, 5.3 cu.ft., Room temp.+10 to 260°C, 115VAC
LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DKN-812C (DKN812C, DKN812) Forced Convection Oven, 10.6 cu.ft. or 300L, Room Temperature +10 to 260°C, 220VAC, Model DKN-812C (DKN812)
LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DX-402C (DX402C, DX402, 115VAC) or DX-412C (DX412C, DX412, 220VAC) Natural Convection Oven, Max 300°C, Capacity 2.6 cu. ft. or 74L
NEW Yamato DX-602C (DX602C, 115VAC) or DX-612C (DX612C, 220VAC) Natural Convection Oven, Room Temperature +5°C to 280°C, NEW
Yamato DKN-402C (DKN402C) Mechanical (Forced) Convection Oven, 3.2 cu.ft. or 90L, Max. 260°C, 115VAC, NEW
NEW Yamato Oven Stand for DX, DVS, DKN 400 and 600 models
Yamato Autoclave with Dryer SM-501 (SM501), 1.7 cu. ft. (47L) Capacity, 115VAC
Yamato Top-Loading, Economical SK-200C (SK200C) autoclave, 24-Liter Capacity,
Yamato Top-Loading, Economical SK-300C (SK300C) autoclave, 30-Liter Capacity