Check out our Yamato oven models DKN-402C, DKN-602C, DX-402C, and DX-602C!
Ask about our bulk pricing specials for laser optics!
Inquire about NEW Yamato oven stands - designed for DX, DVS and DKN 400 and 600 oven series.
VWR Analog Dry Block Heaters 12621-108 includes two (2) Heat Blocks (#130), 120VAC, Two (2) EACH AVAILABLE.

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ID DescriptionPriceAvailability
1958VWR (W. S. Tyler) U.S.A. Standard Test Sieve #4, 4.75 mm (0.187 inches), Stainless Steel - 5 each Available$75.00 In-Stock
1959VWR (W. S. Tyler) U.S.A. Standard Test Sieve #18, 1 mm (0.0394 inches), Stainless Steel - 4 each Available$75.00 In-Stock
1993Caliper Turbovap LV Concentration Workstation (Evaporation System) with 15mL Stainless Steel Tube Rack (50 Positions)$2800.00 In-Stock
2090Eppendorf epT.I.P.S. Reloads, 2-200uL, 960 pcs.$35.00 In-Stock
2092Eppendorf CombitipsPlus Tips, 50mL Capacity, 25 pcs.$76.00 In-Stock
2614LabLine (Lab-Line) Model 2000 Dry Hot Block Incubator- In-Stock
2854Revco Laboratory Refrigerator, Model REL3004A20, 29.2 cu. ft., +1°C to +8°C$700.00 In-Stock
3014Sensr GP2-L USB Accelerometer$400.00 In-Stock
3030FACTORY REBUILT (2015) Profoto D4 4800 (Profoto D4 4800) Lighting Generator, With Multiple Boards, Choose 120V or 220V Power Cord$6000.00 In-Stock
3041Gramatech Retractable Vacuum Sealer, Stainless Steel, GVS2100R-PLC/MS- In-Stock
3055Wheaton Hand Decrimper, 20mm$90.00 In-Stock
3068Justrite Laboratory Disposal Container, Unused, 14765, 18.9-Liter (5-Gallon) Capacity$110.00 In-Stock
3215VWR Analog Dry Block Heaters with Two (2) Heat Blocks (#130), 12621-108, 120VAC, Two (2) EACH AVAILABLE$300.00 In-Stock
LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DKN-602C (DKN602C) Mechanical (Forced) Convection Oven, 5.3 cu.ft., Room temp.+10 to 260°C, 115VAC
LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DKN-812C (DKN812C, DKN812) Forced Convection Oven, 10.6 cu.ft. or 300L, Room Temperature +10 to 260°C, 220VAC, Model DKN-812C (DKN812)
LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DX-402C (DX402C, DX402, 115VAC) or DX-412C (DX412C, DX412, 220VAC) Natural Convection Oven, Max 300°C, Capacity 2.6 cu. ft. or 74L
NEW Yamato DX-602C (DX602C, 115VAC) or DX-612C (DX612C, 220VAC) Natural Convection Oven, Room Temperature +5°C to 280°C, NEW
Yamato DKN-402C (DKN402C) Mechanical (Forced) Convection Oven, 3.2 cu.ft. or 90L, Max. 260°C, 115VAC, NEW
NEW Yamato Oven Stand for DX, DVS, DKN 400 and 600 models
Yamato Autoclave with Dryer SM-501 (SM501), 1.7 cu. ft. (47L) Capacity, 115VAC
Yamato Top-Loading, Economical SK-200C (SK200C) autoclave, 24-Liter Capacity,
Yamato Top-Loading, Economical SK-300C (SK300C) autoclave, 30-Liter Capacity