Full penetration, precision welded construction.
316L stainless steel constructed or customer-specified.
Full electropolishing available.
Built to specified sizes and configurations.

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Moisture Knockout Vessel

This custom-designed stainless steel vessel features tube-within-a-tube construction. In this application, the outer chamber is used to circulate chilling water, which cools the inner chamber. Heated humidified gas is circulated through the inner vessel and the moisture is condensed (knocked out) of the gas stream. The bottom of the inner vessel is tapered to facilitate drainage through the drain port.

All surfaces of the 316L stainless steel vessel have undergone complete electropolishing to ensure maximum passivation and corrosion resistance. The vessel also features a
1 5/16 in. UNF 2A straight thread plugged port permitting complete inspection.

This tube-within-a-tube welded construction can be modified to meet your custom requirements or serve as an example of the high quality, intricately welded products available from LabCommerce.

Item Code: CSP-KOV
Model: Per your custom requirements
Manufacturer: LabCommerce, Inc.
Availability: On Request
Price: Call for Quote

Material of Construction:Stainless steel