Porous filter elements for reduced bubble size.
Keeps GC-grade water pure.
KF16 fill port / Easy to refill / Optional VCR fitting sizes.
Comes with a Swagelok 1/4-inch connection.
PFA water level site tube.

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Zero Air Bubbler, Part Number ZAB1-DT-ST1 and ZAB2-DT-ST1

The Zero Air Bubbler, Part Number ZAB1-DT-ST1, is a humidification chamber with 1-liter capacity. Other volumes are available upon request, particularly 2 liters (ZAB2-DT-ST1, $620.00). It is made of 304L electropolished stainless steel (low carbon -.03% maximum) for excellent corrosion resistance. Its fully passivated interior leaves an inert, chromium oxide-rich layer that is free of impurities and adsorbed hydrocarbons.


  • Fully penetrated and oxidation-free welds ensure that particles or contaminants cannot be entrapped.
  • Thoroughly cleaned and purged.
  • PFA site tube indicates liquid level.
  • 1 micron sintered stainless element welded to the end of a dip tube provides fine humidified mist.

NOTE: The pricing of $580.00 below is for ZAB1-DT-ST1 (1-liter).

Item Code: ZAB1-1021
Model: ZAB Series
Manufacturer: LabCommerce, Inc.
Availability: On Request
Price: $580.00

Volume:Bubblers can be made to a wide range of sizes simply by cutting the tube material longer or shorter. Most common sizes are 1 liter and 2 liters. (Note: Do not fill bubbler completely. An air gap should be left at the top.)
Materials of Contruction:
  • Body: Electropolished 304L stainless steel.
  • Tube fittings: 316 SS (compression fittings and 316L SS (welded fittings).
  • Site tube: PFA
Pressure Rating:Maximum operating pressure: 40 psia.
Temperature Rating:-20° to 200°C.
  • One liter: 7" L x 5" W (4.0" O.D. body).
  • Two liters: 15" L x 5" W (4.0" O.D. body).
  • 1/4" Swagelok inlet and outlet (other fittings are available upon request.
Part Number:
  • One liter: ZAB1.
  • Two liters: ZAB2.
  • Custom configurations are welcome.

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