Precision canister sampling instrument.
Reliable, field-proven performance.
Clean, stainless steel construction.
Efficient moisture purge design.
Loaded with features.

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MCS-1-R Rack-Mountable (or desktop) Canister Sampler

MCS sampling systems can be operated in automatic or manual modes. Manual operation enables quick sampling or convenient system purging. For fully automatic sampling or system purging, the MCS systems use an easy-to-program timer that permits up to 294 on/off events, over a 7-day time span. While the sample is being taken, the total elapsed sample time is being recorded. This feature is particularly useful as confirmation that the system has not experienced any power failures. The many features of MCS series canister samplers ensure the repeatable and reliable collection of high integrity air samples.

Item Code: MCS-1-R-1010
Model: MCS-1-R
Manufacturer: LabCommerce, Inc.
Availability: On Request
Price: Call for Quote

Electrical Specifications: Power Supply110-240 VAC
Battery Backup of Timer Programs:2 weeks
Materials of Construction:
  • All 316 stainless steel metal components exposed to sample. Cleaned for TO-14, TO-15 service.
  • Valve seals and o-rings: Viton.
  • Pump diaphragm: Viton.
Pressure Rating:40 psia.
Flow Control Accuracy:
  • .3% of instantaneous flow rate, adjustable from 0 to 100% of flow over 14 turns (with a 15 psi pressure drop).
  • Built-in mass flowmeter with liquid crystal display (LCD).
Temperature Rating:39 deg. F to 106 deg. F (4 deg. C to 41 deg. C).
Size:19 in. W x 7 in. H x 12 in. D
Case Design:Coated zinc-plated steel covers, aluminum extrusions and die-cast bezel and case handles.
Weight (approximate):21.5 lbs. (9.7 kgs.)
Connections:1/4 in. (Swagelok-type compression tube fittings)
System includes:Power cord and stainless steel inlet filter with 10 micron replaceable element.
Flow Range Code:
  • D = 0-283
  • F = 0-562
Standard cc/min. air at 20 psig.
Part Number:MCS-1-R-(flow range code - see above)

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